Current Weather Conditions

Eastern Village

Scarborough, Maine, USA

as of 18:59 on 11/24/17


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Conditions at
18:59 on 11/24/17



Dew Point 34.0 °F
Humidity 78%
Station (raw)
Rate 0.000in/hr.
Wind Direction SSW
Heat Index 44.3 °F
Rainfall for Today 0.00 in
Monthly Rainfall 2.49 in
Total Rainfall 46.80in
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 48.9°F at 13:55
Low Temperature 27.2°F at 0:58
High Heat Index 49.8°F at 13:56
Peak Wind Gust 16mph at 13:56
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 6:47
Sunset 16:09
Moonrise 11:24
Moonset 21:30

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Amount of Snow (inches)

Seasonal Total (inches)


(Rain collector heater may be on to melt the snow)




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